Columbia Gas W. Edgemont Road Work Update

Columbia Gas W. Edgemont Road Work Update



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Wcarleton Update

The City of Covington would like to update citizens and businesses on Columbia Gas upgrades. Columbia Gas and Miller Pipeline is continuing work to disconnect and install new service lines. The service upgrades, weather permitting are on track to be completed on the 16th and 17th of December. There will be some days following, that Columbia Gas & Miller Pipeline will work on cleanup and tie-in of the new line beginning the Week of December 19th.

Please be aware that the tie-in will involve a flaring of gas as it is purged into the new line for service. This process is common on their high-pressure projects and is an avenue to create flow on the new mainline to ensure adequate odorization. During the flare, it is possible for passing motorists to see a large flame but rest assured that this process is safe and controlled.

The construction project will continue to take place Monday through Saturday. During these work days, W. Edgemont Drive will become one lane with flagging in place to help direct traffic. Please remember to allow for time and make adjustments to your regular commute schedule.

If you would like any more information or have questions, please contact the Public Works Office at (540) 965-6321 or (540) 965-6322.

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