The City of Covington would like to announce that beginning on October 1st we will be working with Recycling and Disposal Solutions (RDS) of Virginia to Keep Covington Beautiful. Recycling and Disposal Solutions will now be managing the city’s recycling program. It is with a heavy heart that we will be shifting our services from Jackson River Enterprises in an effort to meet the service needs and recycling mandates. The City is working with local agencies like the Community Services Board, Career Support, and other agencies to make sure that the workers at JRE have support and employment potentials in the future. RDS serves our local neighbors of Bath County and Clifton Forge, as well as other municipalities. This will be a single stream operation which will mean that there will be no sorting involved on the citizens behalf. The recycling container will be picked up bi-weekly from the drop off location that will be located at Casey Field 700 West Oak Street (Baseball Parking Lot Area). Recyclables are materials that can be remanufactured into new products after serving their original purpose. Everyone gains by recycling and reducing waste. Collecting recyclables reduces waste disposal charges and can provide revenues through the sale of collected materials. Collecting recyclables also ensures an adequate supply of raw materials for recycled products. Also, recycling is good for the environment. It saves energy and natural resources, reduces air and water pollution, and decreases the volume of garbage going into landfills. With the initial collections, we will be monitoring the amount of recycling collected at the drop off location at Casey Field. This monitoring will determine the need for additiional drop off locations throughout the city. Join us in this effort of keeping Covington Beautiful, and becoming a greener place to live. 

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